We will be able to post more about our partnership with Westminster Council shortly.

Please visit our blog for regular updates of this work as it develops.

What we can share at this stage is that we will be exploring how data can build empathy in a particular locality where there is little human connection between four different wards, even though geographically they are very close by. We will be designing an internet of things test bed, using a series of digital screens, sensors, monitors and interactive digital pillars to explore what themes of data and what ways it is interacted with and interpreted can foster empathy, if it can.

We currently plan to work with three layers of data:

The elements – these are the themes of data that link us without us even thinking about it – wind, water, air, data sets that are created by the large systems that are running through and surround our cities. 

The civic – this is data that is both informative and revealing, from council data to retail data and government data.

The human – this theme of data will be to reveal the human stories, the everyday, the mundane, the poetic. 

What we anticipate being most important is how we link them together as different layers of culture. to create data empathy.