One of the challenges of LondonScape has been, and will be, communicating it's value. Working in a world that increasingly needs to think about resource allocation versus social impact, LondonScape cannot simply be an 'art' project but instead is positioning itself as a public value project. Improving data literacy is one of the intentions of LondonScape and we can define quite clear outcomes and impact in relation to that, but trying to articulate, let alone measure, things like entanglement and interconnection is no easy task. 

Interconnectedness is at the heart of the project though. It requires that we take responsibility for noticing how we affect other people, that we realise how our behaviours and choices impact others, even at a distance.  Most cultures have words and concepts to describe it though in the Western world it's become rather lost in our drive for individualism. In South Africa the word is ubuntu - a word too rich and complex to be translated in to English. Desmond Tutu describes it: "it means my humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours. We belong in a bundle of life. We say a person is a person through other people."

So LondonScape wants to discover if data can help us see the world as a series of complex interactions and to look for multiple causes and conditions rather than just one. Part of this will require us to measure what's resulted from the process and outcome of interconnecting rather than the study of isolated parts.