On Tuesday 28th May we will be setting up the first ever DataStore as part of the Shoreditch Digital Festival. We'll be on Old Street, on the huge bit of paving that intersects where Old Street and Commercial Street meet. Starting at 9am we will spend the day open to the public, hoping to engage passers by in a discussion about data, personal and public data, open data, linked data and what it means to be data literate. Luckily we'll have some data scientists and experts joining us on the day, including Adriana Lukas and  Ulrich Atz. There is more information about DataStore here. 

We hope to see you on Monday and in the meantime, would like to say thank you to Urban Prototyping Festival who awarded us with the Urban Resilience prize and therefore made it possible to bring the first version of DataStore to life. We are also excited to announce that Intel have come on board as partners for our next version which will be heading off to the States and France later in the year, and which will  include more creative technology elements.  And other thanks to Nicky Wilkinson, David Saxby and Duncan Wilson

The poster below shows what is included in DataStore part 1.